Curtis Price auto mechanic

Curtis Price II


(Married to Michelle Price, VP)

Experience: 30 years in transmission business

I started when I was 2 years old. My dad worked for a Transmission factory and I would ride the transmissions down the conveyor belt, so I basically grew up on transmissions! I like to say when I cut my hand that I bleed transmission fluid. People say if you love your job you never work a day in your life… well that’s how I feel.

I worked for my family business my whole life up until 2018 when I decided it was time to move on. So with the encouragement of my wife and many friends, I started Liberty Transmission & Auto Care Inc. My grandfather, Virgil Price really instilled in me before his death, to always be honest. I carry those lessons and beliefs every day in his honor. If you want fair prices, honest work, just give me a call.

Hobbies include:
 Hunting Deer and Turkey, Golf, Fast Cars, Surfing, Being a Dad, Watching My Kid Grow, Time with my Wife and Family, Fishing, NASCAR (Go 78 Team!), Hanging with Good Friends, Helping Those That Need it Whether in Business or Personal.

Michelle Price

Michelle M. Price

Vice President

(Married to Curtis Price II, President)

I arrived in the Hampton Roads area in 1983, thanks to the US Navy. I’m a proud Navy brat… My mom and dad both served! My father was born in Stockholm, Sweden and came to the US in 1951, and my maternal grandmother was from Denmark, so I have a lot a Scandinavian heritage.

I am a graduate of Princess Anne High School right here in Virginia Beach.

My husband Curtis loves the auto transmission industry, so I have decided to stand by his side in this adventure and help run the business with him. I am in awe of his expertise and enthusiasm every day. My previous “work life” was all about books. I worked for Waldenbooks for 9 years. Then I switched gears and managed ODU’s off-campus bookstore for 11 years. I obviously LOVE to read, so I am truly enjoying learning all about my new career path.

My children, who are perfect in my eyes, are my pride and joy. Curtis Less loves to skate. Most sunny, warm days his skateboard gets plenty of use. Martina is a fabulous softball player. She was on the 2016 Ages 7/8 All-Star District 8 – Winning softball team.

Our family LOVES the beach, so we are there any time we can in the Summer.

James Driver, Auto Repair

James Driver

Master Builder

I started working on cars at age 13, working for my dad in Elm City, NC at a gas station. I moved up here to Virginia in 1981, working for my uncle for about 3 years before moving to a Chevy Dealership where I build transmissions for 32 years.

I then moved to a local transmission shop where I built for a year, until Curtis decided to open Liberty Transmission, and I just knew I needed to go with him.

Hobbies include: NASACAR, Fishing, Pool, Travel with the Wife and Kids

Joe Nelson, Auto Repair and Transmissions

Joe Nelson

Lead R&R Technician

Joe brings with him over 30 years of automotive experience.

Johnny Diamond, transmission repairman

Johnny Diamond

Lead R&R Technician

Johnny brings with him over 40 years of automotive experience.